More mentors are needed to meet with students

The Quincy Public School District is celebrating its 19th year of providing volunteer mentors to students throughout the district.

As the program kicks off for another year those involved are looking forward to spending time with their students.

Everything from school work, to social skills, to confidence building is what the mentors bring to the table when they meet with their students one on one.

"And I really enjoy getting to know them and spending time with them. Not that I wanted to be a nosy person, but I really wanted to be involved in their lives just to support them," mentor Jackie Wrightsman said.

Wrightsman is starting her third year volunteering with the program. She visits every week with two girls who are now at Baldwin. She has mentored the same two since she started and said it's about the connection between the student and the volunteer.

"We need the community members to come in and see what great things we're going here," QPS Elementary Academic Director Julie Stratman said. "But also it helps with kids that need relationships with other people. It's that great relationship building that they have that they may not have at home. Or with extended family. They just may not have it. This gives them that outlet."

Mentors spend about 30 to 45 minutes a week with their students at the respective school. A majority of the mentors begin with students who are in the elementary grades. If there seems to be a bond between the two, that relationship can continue as the student progresses to higher grade levels.

The district said they're always looking for mentor volunteers.

You can contact Jackie Schlipman at the Quincy School Board office, 217-223-8700, for more information and to get signed up to become a mentor.