Missouri Speaker of the House stops in Northeast Missouri

The Missouri Speaker of the House made a stop in Northeast Missouri to meet with the community before the upcoming legislative session.

Representative Tim Jones visited Heimer Construction in Palmyra as a part of his 4 day and 20 stop tour across the state.

Members of the community attended the meeting to get a closer look at what Jones plans for the upcoming legislative session.

Jones focused on a plan called the "Triple-E," which includes, economic development, energy, and education.

You can read more about this plan here at Politic Mo online.

He says that economic development is currently their main goal. Representative Craig Redmon said that focusing on the economic development will cause a trickle down effect into energy and education.

Jones says this was as much a listening tour as it is a policy tour because it gave people a chance to give their opinion.

The upcoming legislative session for Missouri starts January 9th. Jones ends his tour December 13th in Eureka, Mo.