Keeping your Pepsi bottle caps can help your community grow

Collection buckets placed outside of the main office at Adams Elementary School in Quincy.

It's that time of year again, the time where your caffeine fix can also help support a good cause.

The "Refreshing Way to Support Our Community" program raises money for schools and organizations throughout the community.

You may have noticed an abundance of the yellow caps on your Pepsi brand sodas this month. Make sure you keep a hold on these caps.

Refreshment Services Pepsi created this program three years ago. Buckets are placed throughout the community where people can hand in their collected yellow caps. Each cap is worth five cents towards a charity listed on the bucket.

Adams Elementary school in Quincy has used this program to better its school programs for students. This year, they are collecting the caps to help fund more up-to-date technology. Two large buckets are placed outside of the principal's office for the kids to drop their caps off.

For the last couple years they participated in the program, they made it a school-wide competition between the boys and the girls.

Last year they raised nearly 9 hundred dollars. This year they have a goal of reaching one thousand dollars.

Adams Elementary will collect the caps until the end of their school year.

This program began on February 1st and concludes on April 30th.