Former student files sex-abuse lawsuit against teacher, coach

A trial date has been set for former Keokuk school teacher Gina Sisk. Click here for the latest details on this story.



A 20-year-old former Keokuk High School student is suing the district and a teacher claiming she was sexually abused.

The lawsuit filed in late February is the third against Gina Sisk.

The lawsuit also names the school district and former Keokuk High School Principal Michelle Lukavsky as defendants.

The eight-count lawsuit accuses Sisk of assault and battery, sexual abuse and other charges.

The lawsuit says that Sisk sexually abused a student identified as Jane Doe II for about two years, starting in 2009.

The Keokuk Community School District is aware of certain claims made in a lawsuit against teacher Gina Sisk and the Keokuk School District. The School District has a policy and practice of responding swiftly and takes appropriate action in all cases where students allege mistreatment. The School District denies any and all allegations made against the School District in the lawsuit," Keokuk Community School District Superintendent Tim Hood said in an official statement. "Ms. Sisk is currently on administrative leave pending an investigation into other, unrelated issues. We have not taken final action yet regarding the other issues.

Another student, identified as Jane Doe, has two lawsuits pending in Henry County Iowa.

It also states the district was made aware of the situation when Jane Doe II's father approached Lukavsky about the abuse in May 2009. The abuse continued until 2011, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also said that the father spoke with police, but said the student was required to sign a statement saying that the allegations against Sisk were a lie.

The other two lawsuits against Gina Sisk were filed by another female identified as Jane Doe.

One was filed against Sisk as an individual and the other was filed against Sisk and the New London School District where she taught before coming to Keokuk.

Sisk was placed on administrative leave from the district after the initial lawsuit was filed.