Fire departments get hands-on farm rescue training

Firefighters train for farm place accidents

A problem many farmers face during their work day is encountering a farm place accident.

But those farmers might be breathing a little easier after the rescue training some local firefighters went through Saturday.

Hands-on action is an understatement for this rescue training.

Firefighters from Warsaw and Hamilton came together Saturday for some training that can only benefit our area.

"A few months ago we actually had a grain bin rescue, we assisted in Carthage, We didn't have basically any training. So it brought the awareness between us and Warsaw that we needed this training very badly," Steve Helenthal, Hamilton Fire Chief said.

Three different stations were set up to help train the firefighters on common farm place accidents.

Stateline Farm and Rescue facilitated the training Saturday.

"We're actually getting the victim caught up to about the mid of their body and they're actually feeling and experiencing exactly what it feels like to be caught in that grain. The victims are feeling about 75 pounds per square foot on their body at the time they're in that grain. It's about a 20 minute excercise, but think about if you were in there for four to five hours, it could be a lot more worse for them," Stateline Coordinator Mark Baker said.

Helenthal feels confident that should the worse happen, his crew can respond and be successful.

"I feel if we had a call tomorrow, we could go out and handle it and actually perform the rescue and feel good about it," Helenthal said.

Since both fire departments in Warsaw and Hamilton are volunteer, donations are being accepted to help buy rescue equipment needed for these kinds of rescues.

To donate, you can contact either fire chief in Hamilton or Warsaw.