A not so Head Start from cut backs

Sequestration has hit many areas around the country ... one of which affecting a program helping kids get a jump start on life.

The Head Start program saw a budget cut of 5.7 percent in Northeast Missouri.

Douglass Community Services sponsors the Head Start Program in Northeast Missouri.

Starting next fall, 77 children can no longer go to the head start center.

The program also had to cut a large number of staff.

"We're still waiting to see what Congress and the President are doing with the next budget, which they are already having versions they are trying to reconcile. That's supposed to go in affect October 1st, but at this point we still don't know where we stand and what our funding will be in the new budgets," Douglass Community Service Director Dave Dexheimer said.

The cuts affect some areas more than others.

These cuts went to places where there is a smaller waiting list of children first.

LaGrange's Head Start program has to switch entirely to a home based operation.