The story behind that viral hugging goose video

Cyndie Adams loves on her gander, Doofus at their farm in Dennard, Arkansas. The two posted a video of owner and gander hugging that has gone viral. (Photo: KATV)

DENNARD, Ark. (KATV) — Video of a local goose running up to hug its owner is taking the internet by storm – on the KATV Facebook page alone, the video has more than 18 million views. The gander’s owner says they made the video to attract the male goose a mate.

The animals at Cyndie Adams farm in Dennard aren’t simply barnyard animals, they aren’t pets either – rather the flock is more like family. All the animals have a special bond with their owner, and all the animals are rescues.

But it’s the video featuring Adams and her gander “Doofus” that has been seen across the country and around the world.

“He just started hugging on me,” said Adams. “He just did it on his own.”

Adams said it wasn’t love at first sight, but now the two are inseparable.

“He used to chase me out of the garage; he didn’t like me,” said Adams. “But he was injured – his wings got chewed up by a dog, so I started doctoring him. He finally got old enough, spring hit the air and now he’s mama’s baby.”

But Doofus isn’t an only child. Chickens, mares, dogs and ducks roam free on Adams’ four-acre property in northern Van Buren County. The love is shared equally among all the animals – one of their birds happily hopping on Adams’ husband Ray’s back.

“They’re out kids,” remarked Adams. “When we go traveling I usually have cages full of chickens.”

Adams even shot some video of their duck “T-Bug” on a leash walking the beach while Adams and her husband vacationed on the beach.

But the family – especially Doofus – was missing something, prompting Adams to make the viral video.

“He needed a girlfriend,” joked Adams.

In the weeks since the video of Doofus and Adams was posted, a suitable, much younger bachelorette was located in Jessieville. Right now Adams says Doofus is too big to take advantage of his pre-arranged marriage to their new female goose, but that just means more hugs for mama.

“He’s just a lover.”

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