Rodeo clown talks about mocking President Obama

Tuffy Gessling's controversial commentary left many in an uproar over his mockery of President Barack Obama, just a few weeks ago.

His controversial commentary left many in an uproar over his mocking of President Barack Obama.

Justin Andrews with our sister station KTVO in Kirksville reports that Rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling says he was simply doing his job, making people laugh.

"Somebody took offense to it, it wasn't meant to be of any offense,â?? he said. â??A rodeo clown is to make people laugh and that's what my job is, to make you laugh.â??

For many, Gessling's act wasn't a laughing matter. Gessling yelled out comments like "We're gonna stomp Obama." He then asked the audience if they wanted to see the President "run down by a bull."

The comments sparked a national outrage among politicians and people. It left Gessling the rodeo clown taking more hits than he's ever taken in the ring.

â??(Itâ??s) just comedy, if people canâ??t laugh at themselves, we're in a sorry state,â?? he said.

This wasn't the first time a rodeo clown took a swipe at a president. Years ago at the same Missouri State Fair, a rodeo clown poked fun at former President George W. Bush. The difference now is that many say race has entered the ring.

â??Itâ??s also been turned into a race issue and that literally struck me to the bone,â?? Carie Fouch, a Gessling supporter said. â??I have children that I have worked very hard to raise to be non racist and when someone says something like that I bothers me.â??

Gessling said he received several death threats since the now infamous August 10, 2013 rodeo and even had a woman spit in his face.

He continues to defend his work.

â??No regrets. No regrets, at all, my job is to make somebody laugh and if one person is offended by that, or one person didn't laugh Iâ??m sorry it doesn't reflect on me, it reflects on you,â?? Gessling said.