Canadian filmmaker documents EFT in Quincy

Some area residents tapped their way to the big screen Friday evening.

A Canadian filmmaker started taping a documentary in Quincy about how Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is catching on in a smaller community.

EFT is a therapy in which you tap on certain points on your body to release a negative emotion surrounding an issue, problem or memory.

This portion of the documentary shows how people are turning to EFT for weight control.

KHQA asked the filmmaker why he chose Quincy for his film.

"I chose Quincy for one very good reason -- Kay Phillips ," Eric Huurre with Skywriter Communications in Toronto said. "Kay's a remarkable practitioner. She was born and raised here. She has family here, and she's devoted a lot of time and attention to try to bring this technique into her hometown to help her friends and neighbors, and they're responding."

Actress Lindsay Wagner will host the project.

She Skyped with the volunteers to introduce herself and discuss how EFT has helped her.

Wagner played The Bionic Women in the 1970s.