Bear, fox & monkey confiscated in Adams County

KHQA file photo

This is what conservation agents came up on when they visited a farm near Quincy earlier this month. A black bear cub, a monkey that is friendly and a desert dwelling type of fox that only weighs three pounds. The animals were confiscated, because the man who had them didn't have them registered and had brought the animals across state lines to end up in Adams County.

"Yeah, this is probably one phone call we wouldn't anticipate nor expect. And very unusual especially the different types of exotic animals that this person had in their possession. Obviously we wanted to take it very cautiously, making sure everything was compliant, which it was not," said Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer.

The conservation officers that we talked too, says they think the bear has had too much contact with humans to be released back into the wild. And as for the monkey and the fox, authorities are trying to find a home for these animals to make sure they end up with proper care. But Sheriff Fischer says it's a good idea for local authorities to know you have ownership of exotic animals.

"It's critical as to why the rules are in place and to have these registered. It's very important. We're talking about an exotic animal. It's something that is going to beyond any normal pet that you would have. So they're going to have special needs. They could be potentially be dangerous. So it's going to be critical for us to know where they are and who's caring for them," said Fischer.

The animals are being kept in an undisclosed location outside the area. They're being cared for and fed. And are waiting to be transported to a wildlife sanctuary which will become their permanent home.