Are you scared of the Dibbuk box?

This is a replica of the Dibbuk box. Haxton says he has the real one safely stored away.

Do you believe in jinxes? You might after you read this story.

Jason Haxton has owned a box for the past eight years, but it's not just any box, it's the Dibbuk box.

The box is a piece of Jewish folklore and it's said to be haunted.

Haxton says since he's had the box, paranormal things have happened to him.

He's seen shadowed figures, felt a constant choking sensation, has had vision problems and has even experienced skin burns.

The box was original owned by a woman who survived the Holocaust but the rest of her family didn't.

Thursday, Haxton told the box's history to the National Active and Retired Federal Employees organization in Hannibal.

"This was a personal prayer alter she created to better communicate with God and understand the victimization of her family to try and get answers with the stipulation that when she died to bury it with her," Haxton said.

The box was never buried with the woman.

It's had four different owners each experiencing paranormal activity.

Haxton says he currently has the Dibbuk box safely stored away. To read more about his experience with the box, click here.

The box is going to be featured in a movie being released in August, click here to see the trailer. The movie is called The Possession. Will you watch it?