Ralls Co. police officers volunteer in Ferguson

Officers in Ralls County are also looking for your donations for Ferguson officers and to help Jack the K-9.

Several members of the Ralls County Sheriffâ??s Department will be making the trip to Ferguson, Missouri Monday.

Officers will be making the trip as part of the group Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 103. Around 15 officers will volunteer their time in spurts, making the trips when they have an off day.

While in Ferguson, Ralls County officers will cook meals and deliver water and drinks for police members who are on break.

FOP Lodge 103 President Richard Adair says itâ??s all about coming together to support fellow officers.

"It provides the officers a safe place to go, where they can relax and not have their guard up, and you know, be in a potential conflict when they're on their break," Adair said.

Officers from Ralls County are not sure how long they will be deployed, but they have been told it could be for an extended period of time.

They department is also accepting donations of food, water and other essentials like plates, silverware and napkins to take to the police officers in Ferguson. Anyone that would like to donate can drop off their items at the Ralls County Sheriffâ??s Office in New London, Missouri.

The Ralls County Sheriffâ??s Department is also looking for help to fix the home of their four legged co-worker.

Jack is a two-year-old German Sheppard and is the departmentâ??s drug and traffic dog.

The Sheriffâ??s office needs help repairing Jacks two kennels, both of which he has chewed through.

Administrative Assistant Dawn Robertson says Jack means a lot to the station and community.

â??Jack is beneficial for this county and surrounding counties. Jack can go out of the county to do searches and things like that, so not only is he a benefit here locally, but county wide,â?? Robertson said.

The Sheriffâ??s Department says they already have $600 to go towards their $2,000 dollar goal.

They are collecting money by selling T-Shirts that can be purchased on their website or donations are accepted at the sheriffâ??s office in New London.

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