Preliminary permit issued for Lock and Dam 21 hydropower

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a preliminary permit to develop hydropower at Lock and Dam 21.

A group called Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund, LLC was granted that permit Tuesday.

Here's a seven-page document that explains that decision.Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund, which is a subsidiary of Hydro Green Energy LLC, filed an application for a preliminary permit in January 2010 about a month after Quincy's hydropower company filed its application.

Quincy's permit application was dismissed last February.

FERC also dismissed a permit application from another group that called themselves Mississippi LLC.

Hydro Green Energy's Vice President Mark Stover told KHQA, "We are licensing Lock and Dams 20 and 22 and look forward to adding Lock and Dam 21 to the list of projects we will pursue ....We will be filing Notice of Intent-Preliminary Application Document at FERC later this month for Locks and Dams 20 and 22 and will begin to prepare for licensing activities on Lock and Dam 21. In fact, we are meeting with United States Army Corps of Engineers officials tomorrow in Rock Island to discuss these sites, among others."