Oitker on Outdoor Channel

Shooting arrows at tiny pain pills seems like an almost impossible task. But for twenty three year old Randy Oitker, it's just another day doing what he loves.

He will be featured on the Outdoor Channel's show Impossible Shots, but Oitker is making the impossible...possible.

He has 2 world championships, 17 national titles, and has been crowned shooter of the year 3 times. He also holds a world record for hitting six balloons with six arrows. This time... His challenge was three aspirin. He started with 3 lifesavers, and then shrunk his target.

"My mom actually come up with the idea, she said Randy, she said, can you shoot 2 arrows at a time? I said well Robin Hood did it in the movies but that's Hollywood you can do a lot with computer graphics. But when I figured out how to shoot 2 arrows at a time, it was like well how far can I go," Oitker said.

Impossible Shots features the worlds best shooters with any weapon. It airs on Wednesdays and Saturdays.