Hannibal Regional Hospital adds new spine center

The new center is located on the north end of Hannibal Regional Hospital

Hannibal Regional Hospital is adding a new medical center for people with back problems.

It will be inside an existing facility at Hannibal Regional Medical Group.

Cyndee Dodd's husband William served in the Marines for a number of years.

While serving his country, William developed a series of back problems.

"A good majority of his friends have the same problems. Back, knee, most of it's from lifting heavy equipment," Dodd said.

But his wife feels he hasn't gotten the right treatment for his pain.

"I've been trying to convince him to, but usually he's working nowadays trying to support both of us and the kids. So he hardly takes the time to go to the doctor, Dodd said. But it's probably also because there aren't too many place around here. He'd have to go out of town."

Now Hannibal Regional Hospital's new facility may be able to help.

"The Hannibal Regional Spine Center will be offering some comprehensive care of anyone with back pain," Tim Polley, executive director of Hannibal Regional Medical Group said. "Anyone that's had issues related to their backthat they haven't been able to get taken care of over a length of time or if it's something on the acute side."

This center differs from any other health service the hospital offers.

"The difference of the program now is that in the past, you could try and seek how you get your back care done. You could maybe bounce around to your primary care doctor, to physical therapy, whatever, Polley said. This model actually gets you to the appropriate level of care at the right time."

Its location didn't require the hospital to build an expensive new facility.

"It's sort of like virtual center. It is located at the north end of Hannibal Regional Hospital. You would come into the express care entrance, Polley said. You call us, make an appointment. Come out and see one of our providers at that particular time, they would determine the next step for you."

The center's physicians can recommend a series of different treatment options for patients like Williams.

"The initial providers will do, they will assess what that next step is. So if that next step might be medication and some slower treatment, then we TMll try that, Polley said. Say that their first step to take is, you know, aerobics, water aerobics or something of that nature. That might be the first step."

Dodd hopes her husband will be able to get help at the center.

"I sure hope so. I definitely think for other people, it would be. My husband's a little stubborn. So but yeah, I think he would be able to," Dodd said.

The Hannibal Regional Spine Center opens June 2.