Zoning request near Spring Lake Estates tabled again

A request for a zoning change near Spring Lake Estates has been tabled for another 30 days.

The Quincy City Council Monday night tabled the request for a third time.

Adam Booth wants a zoning change for this 40-acre property near Spring Lake Estates and a 47-lot subdivision to be known as Ridgeview Subdivision.

KHQA asked Mayor John Spring for an update on the city union contracts, which expired last month.

Mayor Spring said, "We still have contracts we're working on with transit and with our police and fire departments. We are in the process of getting ready to meet again with those three groups to work on collective bargaining contracts. As of right now, there haven't been any changes or ratified contracts, but we're hopeful that in the next few weeks, we can come to a consensus."Monday night, the Quincy City Council heard the first presentation of a updated flood ordinance.

It amends the city's current flood plain regulations to now include the minimum National Flood Insurance Program standards required by FEMA.