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      Zoning change approved for medical marijuana in Quincy

      The Quincy City Council approved a zoning change Monday night that would better-accommodate medical marijuana facilities.

      The Quincy City Council approved a zoning change Monday night that meets state guidelines for medical marijuana cultivation centers and dispensaries.

      The vote means Quincy is better prepared should those facilities come to town.

      The council voted 12 to 1 in favor of the zoning change; Alderman Mike Farha was the lone dissenting vote and one alderman was absent.

      Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said the zoning change helps improve safety and ease of access for cultivation centers and dispensaries.

      The city wanted to make sure the facilities were in a highly-visible and well-lit area.

      This would help police enforce the area and also create better access for residents.

      Moore said the city has had 10 to 12 inquiries from around the area about possibly bringing those facilities to Quincy, but there have been no proposals submitted.

      Moore said the next step is to see how the state moves forward with its cultivation center and dispensary guidelines.

      In June, the Quincy Plan Commission recommended the city's industrial district as the best location for a potential cultivation center.

      It also recommended any dispensary be built in the city's C-2 district, likely off of east Broadway.