Y.U.P. holds fundraiser to create youth retreat camp in NEMO


A new organization hosted a BBQ in Canton, Missouri today to ultimately benefit area youth.

It's called Youth United for Purpose or "Y.U.P."

Organizers are trying to raise money to start a youth retreat camp near Monroe City, Missouri.

The northeast Missouri non-profit organization wants to teach youth life skills such as how to make good decisions and how to mange their money.

"We'll be able to come in and have people teach them specific skills, whether it's mechanics skills, working on a car or accountants," Y.U.P Founder Terrence Coles said.. "We know that we want to teach them how to balance a checkbook."

YUP organizers want to create a youth camp on a 30 to 40-acre lot with cabins, a cafeteria and recreational areas.

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