YP Quincy members visit KHQA to 'Meet the CEO'

Members of YP Quincy visited KHQA to meet General Manager Laura Wolf and learn her story.

About 15 members joined Laura for the "Meet the CEO" breakfast Tuesday.

Wolf's message was clear.

"When people go to work they shouldn't leave their hearts at home," she said.

Wolf is new to KHQA. She recently accepted the GM position and relocated from South Texas. Click here to read her blog and see how she's adjusting to Quincy.

When asked what advice she had for the YP members, she said she has had a professional mentor for 15 years. She encouraged the young leaders to find one of their own.

Wolf admitted that one of her favorite books is "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. "There's a place on the bus for all of you," Wolf said while referencing the book.

After the breakfast, YP members took a tour of KHQA and got a behind-the-scenes look around the station.

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