YouTube video leads to animal torture charges

Destin Gardner identified himself and his dog Scrappy in several YouTube videos released over a period of time.

The videos show Gardner releasing a captured raccoon from a live trap and then turning two jack russell terriers loose on the raccoon.

After reviewing the video that was posted online, Adams County States Attorney Jon Barnard decided that felony charges would be filed.

" There's no room for animal mistreatment or torture. These are charges, not actual proof. But enough evidence to support the charges ," said Barnard.

Quincy Humane Society Executive Director Sally Westerhoff said "It's disturbing on a lot of levels. The abuse of the animals. Its just depravity beyond anything I can imagine."

Gardner faces ten felony charges of animal torture and four misdeamenors all associated with the investigation. The animal torture charges are class three felonies and are punishable with a prison term of between two to five years on each charge