You're invited to Grant Wood's birthday party

It's Grant Wood's birthday and the American Gothic House Center in Eldon, Iowa is hosting their annual Grant Wood Soup Smorgasbord this Saturday in his honor.

According to Greg Deffenbaugh with our sister station KTVO, the annual tradition is a way that the community can come together and not only learn more about Grant Wood, and his painting, American Gothic; but also learn more about the piece of American history right in Eldon TMs backyard.

This event is not only a great way to celebrate Grant Wood TMs birthday, but also serves as a fundraiser for the American Gothic House Center, Holly Berg, Administrator of the American Gothic House Center told Deffenbaugh. We will have nine different kinds of soups this weekend made from our great volunteers here at the center, as well as homemade bread and homemade desserts. We will also have brownies donated by Casey TMs. In addition to all of the food, we will have entertainment provided by Indian Hills chamber music members.

Berg added that door prizes will be available, donated by several businesses throughout the community. The raffling off of the print of the American Gothic House, who TMs frame is actually made out of wood from the house will also be taking place.

The activities kick off at 11 a.m.