Your favorite school project needs you

If you know a teacher, you know they probably spend quite a bit of money from their own pockets on classroom supplies.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There's a website called

Teachers, school nurses, and guidance counselors can log on and fill out a request in order to seek donations for a project.

Corporations and individuals can then go on and donate money to each individual project.

That means if your child or grandchild's class is in need of a certain item, you can go to and contribute.

"Everything from books to gym equipment, iPods, iPads, e-readers are some of the things that can be donated," Colin Ash with Horace Mann said.

"We've been able to get 12 e-readers for our classroom. Our dream is to have a whole classroom set. I've been able to get class sets of many literature books so every child can have a copy," 6th grade teacher Paula Epker said.

Paula Epker is a sixth grade reading and English teacher at Hannibal Middle School .

She has used the website for about $2500 worth of supplies for her room.

Horace Mann is one of many corporate sponsors of the website that will match dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount, of your donation.

Imagine a Better Classroom is the Horace Mann matching donation campaign. Horace Mann will match properly coded donations up to $100 to projects posted on

For a project to receive a matching donation, the donor must enter a promotion code at checkout when making a donation.

Full-time public school teachers, nurses and guidance counselors wishing to have projects funded can pass the code along to colleagues, friends, family and other potential donors. Here are some details:

- HoraceMann12 is the code. It is NOT case sensitive. Donors use it at checkout like they would a coupon code.- Features a promotion code used by donors at checkout.- When the code is used, Horace Mann will match donations between $1 and $100.- Gift cards and corporate donations will not be matched.- The promotion began Oct. 1 at 12:01 a.m.- Teachers can share the code with colleagues and/or friends and family. - Once Horace Mann donates to a project, the monies stay with that project even after our $250,000 funding is depleted. - If a project isn TMt fully funded, our donation returns to the donor to reallocate.