Your chance to speak out on QPS budget cuts

There have been two special Quincy School Board meetings focused around the district's tough budget crisis. Monday afternoon the community had the chance to weigh in.

The Quincy School Board hosted a public meeting to allow the community to share comments and concerns with the board, before they have to make any final decisions on budget cuts.

A handful of people spoke up during the brief public hearing portion of the meeting. Cuts to Administration, Early Childhood, and extracurricular activities were all brought up during the meeting, but the focus of the concerns was the impact the cuts would have on students.

"I just wanted to make sure the board knows that I want students to have all opportunities," said Valarie Bordenkircher, president of the Quincy Federation of Teachers, "The teachers' primary concern is the student"

QHS junior Allison Lawler showed up, concerned that music programs could see significant cuts. "I was focusing on us mainly as students because I don't want the music department to be taken out of all our lives because it has given us so much opportunity," said Lawler.

Any cuts will be formally announced during the school board's regular monthly meeting on March 21. That's when the board is expected to outline about $1 million in cuts in the district's deficit reduction plan adopted last month. If the district lays off teachers, they must be notified at that time.

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