Young professionals pedal for the medal

Fifteen competed in this year's Big Dam Race.

Bikers flooded the Quincy streets Saturday for a friendly competition. But this was no Tour De France. This was the Big Dam Race.

Similar to the Amazing Race, teams set off to different locations through out the area using clues.

Last year, Adam Duesterhaus and his team took second place in the race, a knock from holding first the year before. This time around, he and his team wanted their title back.

"Our team name is the Revengers, so we're out for revenge here," Duesterhaus said.

"Adam's always really competitive so he sort of drives our team a little bit," Bob Mitchell, a Revengers teammate said. "We're hoping to win our trophy back. We won it the first year we did it and it's a pretty awesome trophy ... and we're ready to have that back."

What's better then a trophy?

"Bragging rights," Duesterhaus said. "You hear about it all year long. We've been hearing about it from the winners from last year, so we will definitely retain our title and brag about it if we come out victorious."

Getting those rights was no easy task

"The rules are, they get clues and they're allowed to use their phone," Bryan Langston said. "We made the clues tougher this year so they're allowed to use their smart phones to get on the internet and do a little research, but once they get to a site they basically have to corporate as a team to solve a task or trivia of whatever the task may be."

Bryan Langston is part of the organization Young Professional Quincy, that has been putting on the race for the past five years.

"It's a wonderful organization to get young people, my generation, involved in the community," Duesterhaus said.

"It gets a lot of people together, a lot of people share business cards and what they do for a living and it sure helps to get your name out there," Mitchell said.

And while the point of the race was for young professionals to network, switching gears to a competition doesn't hurt.

"Our strategy is just to pace ourselves, get along, put our heads together and come out victorious," Duesterhaus said.

Win or lose, these competitors were getting involved and meeting new people, pedaling them forward in their careers.

Unfortunately, the Revengers took second place, but there's always next year.