You might be buckling your child in wrong

No doubt some of the most precious cargo you'll haul around this holiday season is your kids. But did you realize you may be buckling your child in wrong?

During winter, big puffy coats can make it unsafe for small children to be in their car seats.

When you buckle them in with the big, puffy or bulky coats, you have to adjust the straps.

You may think it holds them well because the straps are tighter, but actually it can have the opposite effect.

"With all of that movement of the bulky, puffy type coat, in a crash, that child may be able to slide out of that bulky item that is on the child," Illinois State Trooper Mike Kindhart said.

Trooper Kindhart recommends buckling the child up without a coat and then covering them with a blanket to stay warm.

He says there are even products out there that the child wears like a rain poncho, but it's made out of blanket material.

Here are some links to a couple of products we found.

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