You may be seeing some "Spring" colors in our "Fall" landscape.

If the end to the extreme drought and high temperatures has put a bit of a "Spring" in your step, you are not alone. Residents across the Tri-State area are seeing new buds and growth on trees and plants, with some even blooming.

According to the experts at

Frese Ornamental Nursery

in Quincy, the heat of the summer and the extreme drought put many plants in a dormant state in order to conserve nutrients and survive. Now, with spring-like temperatures and moisture, many of these plants are waking up from that dormant state with thoughts of spring.

This should not hurt any of the trees and plants but will allow for them to take in some of the fall moisture and provide us with some spring blooms to go with our fall colors.

The best thing now would be a cool fall season with adequate moisture, and no early or extreme freezes. Those cold temperatures could damage some of the plants, much like a late spring freeze.