You don't have to dread spring cleaning

Get out your brooms, mops and cleaning solutions. It's time for spring cleaning.

Cari French is the manager of Maid for a Day in Quincy.

She says if you want to tackle the task of spring cleaning yourself, it's best to start at the ceiling and work your way down. Knock down the cobwebs, clean the walls, and don't forget the vents when you get to the floor because dust can build up anywhere.

"It circulates around your house, gets into your food, gets into your lungs. If you have allergy problems, you really need to get it out," French said.

Speaking of floors, a good vacuum should do the trick on carpets.
Just don't forget the edges.

When it comes to your hardwood floors, experts at Maid for a Day say use a micro-fiber mop instead of a sponge mop.

They say sponge mops hold bacteria and are hard to clean. When it comes to your hardwood, make sure you mop with the grain.

A couple of rooms that may not seem fun are the bathroom and kitchen. Cari French says for the bathroom,
"Don't forget to wash your walls because when you flush the toilet, everything in your toilet is going to cover everything," French said.

She also says don't bother with a toilet brush. Use a tooth brush instead.

"It's easier to get to where you need to get and to get your toilet clean," French said.

Another toothbrush can come in handy in the kitchen. You'll want to pull out your appliances and get all the dust buildup behind them. Also, don't forget about the inside of the appliances.

"Especially your dishwasher, your oven, your refrigerator. Inside your washer and dryer also," French said.

One item many people forget about are fake plants, whether they hang on the wall, or stand on the floor. French says they can harbor a lot of dust, and they should be cleaned with a vinegar solution.

If you're not wanting to tackle spring cleaning by yourself and decide to hire a professional, make sure you find the right company.

Cari French says one small thing to look for is a landline number.

She says some companies may have a cell phone listing only and you want to make sure the business has a office you can visit if something goes wrong. A

landline can also mean the business is local and not a scam.

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