You can help the Quincy Salvation Army win the 1 Million Dollar Challenge

Have you ever wanted to make a real difference in the life of another person? The Quincy Salvation Army wants to give you that chance.

The agency is participating in a nationwide matching grant program called the

One Million Dollar Challenge


It's a chance for your small donation to make a BIG difference.

Volunteers are busy everyday giving of their time and energy to serve others at the

Quincy Salvation Army
. But food pantry shelves don't stay full on their own.

It requires good hearted people in the community and financial donations to make sure the shelves stay stocked.

That's where the Feinstein Foundation One Million Dollar Challenge comes in.

Elizabeth Flynn is the Regional Manager of the Family Services Department.

She says that the grant program will match whatever is donated to the Salvation Army.

"If it's an item donated we get a dollar for it. If it's a a dollar donated, we get a dollar for it. So it's a wonderful time. If people wanted to donate food we'd be thrilled," Flynn said. "If they wanted to donate money, we'd be thrilled as well. Because all of the food, all of the money, everything we get during this period goes to feed people."

Flynn says the need is great in the community and every bit of money the Salvation Army gets from the grant will go to meet the biggest ongoing need in the community.

"That money is designated for food. And we'll use that money to fill our food pantry. Yes, absolutely, that will put food on the shelves and uh food for families in this community is very important. I mean we have a tremendous number of working poor who can't make ends meet even if they are working," Flynn said.

From its bread line to its food pantry to its emergency shelter and now with this new One million dollar challenge, with your help the Quincy Salvation army will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

You have until April 30th to get in your donations to be included in the One Million Dollar Challenge.

The Salvation Army will report the total donation as part of the application process.

The agency will find out if it is approved to receive part of the One Million Dollar grant in January.