YMCA meets 2012 fundraising goal

The Quincy YMCA Association's yearly Strong Kids campaign exceeded its goal.

The Quincy and Mount Sterling YMCAs surpassed their targets for programs to support youth develop programs and other YMCA activities.

Together the organizations raised nearly $160,000. The Quincy YMCA received $92, 016, nearly $13,000 hire than its $85,000 goal. The Mount Sterling YMCA received $67,408. Its goal was $58,000.

â??Children are our future. The Y provides a strong foundation to kids, promoting honesty, respect and responsibility as well as giving them opportunities to grow and thrive both physically and spiritually,â?? Karl Groesh, the 2012 Mount Sterling Campaign Chair said. â??The Strong Kids Campaign affords those opportunities to children who would be unable to participate.â??