YMCA lifeguards

During this time of year, you probably wish you were sitting near a beach in warmer weather.

We talked to some folks who get to experience the closest thing to that. Lisa Twitchelo is the Aquatic Director at the Keokuk YMCA. She says it's pretty interesting to work at the pool side when it's freezing outside.

Twitchelo says it's odd bundling up for work, then changing into a swimsuit and flip flops for work.

"This is probably the best place to be. 80 degrees, 16% humidity and from what people say when they come's a lot better in here than it is outside," Twitchelo said.

Twitchelo also says that despite the cold temperatures outside, swimming class sizes haven't dropped too much. 25 to 30 people are in each of the ten classes the YMCA offers.