Years of U.S. Military artifacts will soon be on display in Pittsfield

It took a few years but it's finally here.

Memories and artifacts put on display at the All-Wars Museum in Pittsfield, Illinois.

A place where a number of soldiers from the area have served dating back to the Civil War.

"All the way up through the modern day," Museum Volunteer Jeff Snyder explained.

Snyder explained the goal is to remember the service men and women who are from or have connections to Pike County, Illinois.

"We don't want to lose those stories," Snyder said.

He mentioned things like clothing, money and even medical equipment have ties to the county.

Snyder, too, is from Pike County.

He has a family connection with most of the war displays but one is more personal.

Snyder is a Vietnam Veteran as the display brings back memories.

"I mean like it was yesterday," Snyder pointed out.

The museum serves a bigger purpose than just memories.

Rather education for students to realize it was much more than just words in a textbook.

"School kids can come in here and say 'wow, this really did happen',” Snyder explained. “This was real".

Snyder said the museum brings him all sorts of feelings.

"Oh, all of the above,” Snyder mentioned. “I'm just tickled to death with it and it can only get better. It's only going to get better".

A grand opening will take place on Saturday, April 22nd that will consist of entertainment, including an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.

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