Worldwide adventurer paddles Mississippi

Dave Cornthwaite paddling the Mississippi / courtesy:

A worldwide adventurer will paddle past Quincy, Illinois on his fundraising journey down the Mississippi.

Dave Cornthwaite travels under the Expedition1000 flag hoping to complete 25 journeys at 1,000 miles each and raise $1.5 million dollars for two amazing charities.

So far, he's gone 3,600 miles on skateboard from Perth to Brisbane, 1,400 miles via Kayak down the Murray River, and 1,400 miles on a bicycle built for two from Vancouver to Las Vegas.

The ultimate goal is to raise as much money as possible for two very worthy charities. The AV Foundation, where Dave completed a gap year program, helps communities and schools in East Africa develop and maintain water systems infrastructure, for clean, drinkable water, the most basic of needs. CoppaFeel, started by one of Dave's great friends, who was twice misdiagnosed before actually being diagnosed with breast cancer and decided right then and there to find a way to raise awareness.

Having just left Muscatine, IL, he will reach St. Louis around August 3rd/4th, and Memphis just about two weeks after that. In one month, Dave has paddled almost 1,000 miles, through heat waves, lightening storms, floods, he keeps paddling. He will reach the Gulf of Mexico in September, after over 2,400 miles.

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