World War II homes withstand the test of time

Nguyenâ??s Lustron is considered very rare. Less than 1,500 remain today.

There are five houses in Macomb not like the others. They are made of enameled steel, tripartite windows and they have steel shingles.

Those characteristics only describe one type of house.

A Lustron house.

"We had already looked at a few houses, we were kind of on our, we just couldn't find anything that we really liked, and he knew that we were looking for something really different and he brought this up, said that its really unique and we'll probably love it and we did," Natasha Nguyen, a Lustron homeowner, said.

They were built for returning GIs from World War II in response to the shortage of homes available at the time.

In the late 1940s, the Lustron Corporation received millions of dollars to build prefabricated homes. A few years later the company went belly up and the homes were no longer made.

A fact Nguyen and her family eventually discovered.

"He told us a little bit of history about it, but we didn't know how special it was until we got online and researched it," Nguyen said.

Nguyen TMs home has the original layout. It is a maize yellow, Westchester Deluxe Lustron.

It features metal cabinetry, the original stove and was designed to withstand the test of time ... and so far it has.

Most people make changes to their Lustron, like the previous owners who added two rooms. But Nguyen says there really isn't a need to mess with history.

"No we are going to try and keep as much integrity as possible, try to fix some of the things that are going wrong, but otherwise keep it as original as we can," Nguyen said.

Nguyen TMs Lustron is considered very rare. Less than 1,500 remain today.

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