Work on the Adams County Fair is worth it

What does it take to put on the Adams County Fair?

"It takes a lot of commitment of course out of the directors, making sure everything is lined up, we each kind of take over our own part of the fair," Fair Board Member Leon Obert said.

The Adams County Fair has 13 board members. They meet all year leading up to the week-long event.

"My job kind of is to bring in a different perspective, we also do a lot of marketing and that kind of thing, you've probably seen our ads and things like that, there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff you don't know is going on but we do, and it really is a 12 month process, I'm already taking notes on this fair to bring up to change for next year," Fair Board Member Melissa Shriver said.

Whether its exhibiting the hundreds of rabbits in the most heavily-traveled area in the fair or the cows getting ready for their own pageant, it takes a lot of work.

But they say it is all worth it.

"Seeing all the people, bringing all the people together, so they can come out and enjoy themselves and it's always just been a great time with our family and it continues to be a great time," Obert said.

Watch KHQA This Morning on Friday, July 25 as they try fair food and pet exotic animals.