Woman battles with parent's landlord

Mold before workers came to repair.

Updated: August 26, 2010:

Polly Roush, sent us an email updating the situation:

She said her dad's test results came back okay and is still waiting on her mom's. She will be filing a complaint with IDHR about the health inspector for Schuyler County. She is in the process of moving her parents out of the area and should be out next weekend. She tried to reach the Schuyler County Board President but he hasn't called her back.


The rain and heat we've had are perfect conditions for mold. That's what one woman has found in the house her parents have rented for four years in Rushville. She's argued with the landlord about repair work for weeks. Now her parents have 30 days to leave the house.

"It's just falling apart - rotten, there was a whole overhang in this area here that was all in this condition right here. And it went the length of the trailer so at least they did get that part ripped out," said the renter's daughter, Polly Roush.

Polly Roush has been living in her parents' house for three months now.

"When I got here, and walked into the place, I do have mold allergies, I was overwhelmed with mold allergies and I knew that there was a problem. Then I saw what I saw and knew that there should be some penalties towards the landlords for neglecting to take care of their own property," Roush said.

Moldy ceiling tiles were removed along with some previously wet fiberglass. Now, the wood underneath where the tiles were, is molding and rotting.

"There are no mold standards here in the state of Illinois. Due to that fact, no sort of penalties can be enforced legally towards the landlords and they get away with renting out deteriorating property," Roush said.

Roush has made calls to Governor Pat Quinn's office about the situation as well. She just hopes to have some sort of mold standard in place.

"Even once we move out, I don't think anybody should have to rent a place that is full of mold and I'm just trying to make a difference," Roush said.

We also called the landlord to get his side of the situation. He had no comment, but he did send us two letters via email. One of them is a letter explaining his side of the story. The other is the 30 day notice for the tenants to leave.

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