WIU students rally for low food prices and see results

Students at Western Illinois say last school year's food prices were astronomical.

So much in fact, some students had to leave school.

"My omelettes were like $5, no $7 last year," Pashente Jackson, President of the Interhall Council at WIU, said.

Students at WIU say a lot has changed in the few months they've been away.

This year they're $5, so I can get 40 extra omelettes, I TMm obsessed with omelettes," Jackson said.

Last school year, WIU students were obsessed with the high food prices so they voiced their concerns, and the administration heard them.

"We were able to consolidate some significant operations and assets we have reduced prices 15 to 20 percent on 14,000 different items and in some cases more," John JB Bierbaum, Associate Vice President of Student Services, said.

The new changes translate to students not having to make hard decisions.

"Because we don't have to hear about the prices I can't pay for this, some students leaving school because they can't afford housing and dining, so things like that, that makes me happy you know that students can actually attend Western without having problems," Jackson said.

These changes not only keep students around, but also present their favorite nights in the dining hall.

"Quesadilla, loaded with sour cream everything $1, this year, I just got it yesterday, $13, you know how excited I was to spend $13 and it was $18, it's a great day to be a Leatherneck actually," Jacquez Gray, a senior at WIU, said.

Western Illinois' retention rates have gone up by eight percent, which contributed to the low food prices on campus.