WIU Staff, Students "March for Mediation"


MACOMB, ILL -Western Illinois University faculty and students gathered on campus in a “March for Mediation."

This comes after several failed attempts to negotiate contracts.

Around fifty teachers and students marched across campus with signs asking administration for fair contracts.

The rally was organized by University Professionals of Illinois or UPI.

To bring you up to speed—faculty and staff have been negotiating contracts with the university for over a year.

After several failed attempts, union members are ready to strike if necessary.

English Professor and UPI member Merrill Cole says, "We're ready. We don't want to strike but we're ready to strike if that's what it takes."

Western student Elizabeth Swan spoke at the rally. She comes from a family of educators.

Swan says, "Western is going to get though this and we as students have the right and the ability to feel how we want about this situation."

If union members go through with a strike, a university spokesperson says WIU will continue with classes as scheduled.

Only three weeks remain in the semester.

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