WIU schools students on safety with DUI project

Emergency responders attempt to rescue crash victim at WIU mock DUI event.

In 2012, 326 people in Illinois lost their lives because of drunk driving.

In an attempt to turn those numbers around the WIU EMS department hosted the 23rd mock DUI event.

Students from Macomb High watched the re-enactment of what happens during a drunk driving accident.

The students saw people rushed away for medical care and one person who died at the scene.

Illinois State Police Trooper Dan Hill wants the kids to come away with one simple message.

"If you cause that crash you have to live with that for the rest of your life," Hill said. "Everyday you get up you're going to look in the mirror and realize I made a bad choice, I did something dumb and I'm gonna have to live with that."

Macomb High School student Zach Wilson played one of the crash victims and said there were some scary times during the simulation.

"At first you know there wasn't that much fear. And then all of a sudden when the lights and sirens started coming," Wilson said. "And then I got covered up by a towel. And they started breaking windows around me and cutting off things and you could not see. You could hear the sounds around you and you did not know what was going on."

Trooper Hill also used a rollover simulator to teach the students the importance of wearing their seat belts whenever they drive.