WIU rugby players face hazing charges

Jack Lord, 20.

Two of the five Western Illinois University rugby players arrested last month on hazing charges made their first court appearance Monday.

Lucas Sgarlata, 23, and John Landes, 24, also face charges of providing alcohol to minors.

The players were taken into custody after police say a May 2 incident left a man unresponsive.

It was later determined that the man had a dangerously high blood alcohol level.

Police say the rugby team forced new players to drink large amounts of alcohol in a short time span.

Jack Lord, 20, and Aidan Belcher, 21, will make their first court appearance later in June.

Charges against Bradley Basala, 19, were dropped.

The university has suspended the club from all activities pending an outcome of the case.

WIU's policy prohibits any type of hazing by individual students or members of recognized student organizations.

Sport clubs like the rugby team are required to sign an anti-hazing agreement .

Any individual and club sanctions will also depend on the results of a judicial hearing.