WIU police investigate sexual assault on campus

Western Illinois University campus police continue to investigate a reported sexual assault that took place on campus early Sunday morning.

The Macomb Police Department received a report around 1:50 a.m. of a sexual assault that occurred on the Sherman Hall lawn, along Adams Street.

A female student who resides off campus reported to Macomb police that she was walking alone on Adams Street before midnight when she was grabbed by a male unknown to her and sexually assaulted. Following an initial investigation by police, WIU's Office of Public Safety took over the investigation.

If anyone has further information regarding this incident, you're asked to contact WIU's Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949.

According to WIU's Website, Western's Student Patrol is available to provide escorts on campus during the evening to early morning hours. Student Patrol can be reached by calling OPS at 309-298-1949. If a Student Patrol member is not available, OPS officers will also provide escorts on campus.

There are 48 emergency call boxes located at strategic locations throughout campus. Without dialing, the caller is immediately in contact with OPS; the location of the call is automatically recorded and response is almost immediate. Public Safety may also be reached in an emergency by dialing 9-1-1 from any campus phone. In a non-emergency, the number is 309-298-1949.