WIU in the process of updating its gun policies

The current firearm concealed carry act says higher education institutions like Western Illinois University and John Wood Community College must report a student if they pose a clear and present danger.

The law states students will be reported within 24 hours to the state police.

Western Illinois University will update its policy to reflect those new requirements.

"While again we may have been the last state, I think our law is probably based on best practices from other states that we've learned from their laws, Scott D. Harris, Director of Public Safety for Western Illinois, said.

Both WIU and John Wood policies say that students must leave their weapons in their cars in parking lots.

To further underscore their policies and the law, there are visible signs on every entrance to every building on both campuses.

At John Wood, they have policies in place to determine if someone is a clear and present danger.

"So John Wood does have a behavioral intervention team on campus, it's kind of an early warning situation we would want to know from faculty and other students if they see any signs from a student that might be troubled it would train them on what those particular red flags might be, Bill Latour, Chief of Police for John Wood Community College, said.

Both schools say they are just trying create safe environments for faculty, staff, and students.