Witnesses describe mysterious priest at accident

Courtesy of Carla Churchill Lentz

A spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City says officials are trying to get to the bottom of a story about a mysterious priest who comforted a Quincy woman hurt in a head-on collision.

â??We do have several churches and parishes in the area,â?? diocese spokesman Deacon Dan Joyce said. â??We saw the description information and we have pictures on file of all of our priests, but we haven't heard directly from any of them.â??

Friends and family of Katie Lentz along with rescue workers want to thank this mysterious man who they say stopped to pray during the extrication that eventually freed Lentz from her car.

Emergency crews spent an hour and a half Sunday trying to extricate 19-year-old Lentz, of Quincy, who was trapped in her crushed car on State Highway 19 near Center, Mo.

Wanda Burr-White, who was at the crash site, remembers the priest well.

"He was dark complected," she said. "He had an accent, but I'm not sure what nationality. He was probably 5 feet 6 inches maybe. He was not heavy set, but he probably weighed close to 200 pounds. He had dark hair."

Burr-White and her husband held Katie's head while rescue workers were trying to extricate her from the car.

Burr-White's husband added that the priest was wearing black-rimmed glasses and resembled actor Walter Matthau.

KHQA received a composite sketch from Randall Sands with IQ Biometrix that represents what witnesses saw and later described.

Ralls County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Adair was the first responder on the scene of the accident.

He said the above composite does not resemble the priest he saw.

Adair described the priest as being between 60 to 65 years of age, 5'6", olive skin and had a thick accent.

Adair said the priest was dressed in a traditional black shirt and pants, white collar with a silver, older looking cross around his neck.

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