Winter storm dropping snow across Tri-States

Snow plows across the Tri-States are out in full force dealing with all the snow.

That snow is making driving treacherous.

In Quincy, crews began preparing for the winter mix Monday afternoon, by prepping their plows with salt for the slick streets.

But it's important when you are out on the roads to use caution when driving around the plows.

Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said, "Don't tailgate the trucks. They're spreading salt and liquid chloride. You don't want any of that to get on your car. Also don't pull in front of our plows. Drivers are working the plow, they're driving, they're working the liquid chlorine, the salt spreader and that so just give them plenty of room front and behind."

City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp tells us the city just restocked its salt.

He says central services is well within budget so far for man hours and supplies.

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