Winter returns with an opening act - UPDATED

Hwy 61 1 mile north of Palmyra, no injuries

After a long stretch of unseasonable, yet welcome weather, it looks like winter has returned to the region overnight.

A strong cold front will reach the Tri-State area Wednesday night after 10 p.m. and with that cold front will come a number of winter weather features which have led to a multi-state weather advisory.

UPDATE: The winds have started to move into the region and temperatures are dropping fast behind this will come the first band of snow for the early morning hours. The major issue will be blowing snow which can lead to visibility issues for motorist. Look for 2 to 5" of snow in the region with heaviest amounts in the Macomb and Burlington area. Tune in to KHQA News for the very latest information including any possible school closings.

Click here for road conditions as well.

The National Weather Service offices in a number of Midwest locations have issued a "Winter Weather Advisory" starting late Wednesday night and lasting through the day on Thursday.

This advisory is based on the following features being present all at the same time; strong winds up to 30 mph, light to moderate snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures.


Both lanes of northbound US 61 south of the Warren Barrett intersection in Hannibal are closed due to an accident involving a tractor trailer. MoDOT reports it could be a couple of hours before the road is opened. US 61 is partly covered with snow and most minor roads in the area are covered. For updated information, call MoDOT customer service at 1-888-275-6636 or email

My biggest concern with this system will be the strong winds that will help to cool elevated surfaces quick and the chance of low visibility with the snow and wind.

While this will not be a "big snow maker" it will be a bit of a shocker after the nice weather of late so, give yourself some extra time on Thursday morning and we will bring you updated information here and on our Facebook page here and Twitter here.