Winter doesn't slow down work at local winery

Some of the 13 varieties of wines made at Baxter's Winery in Nauvoo.

Winter is not typically a busy time for farmers and produce growers. That's not the case for people working in vineyards like Baxter's Vineyard and Winery in Nauvoo.

In fact the cold winter months are when most of the pruning is done to grapevines.

Cold temperatures push sap into the roots of the plant, which allows crews to trim back vines safely. The winter layover also gives the plant time to heal from the pruning cuts. Click here to learn about winter pruning from KHQA This Morning.

Winter is also an important time in the process to create wine.

Right now thousands of gallons of Baxter's wine is going through what's called cold stabilization. That allows solids in the liquid to settle out before bottling.

Brenda Logan and her husband Kelly are fifth-generation co-owners of Baxter's Vineyard and Winery. Click here to watch Logan talk about cold stabilization on KHQA This Morning.

"All of the solids that's been in the wine throughout the process will settle to the bottom of the tank," said Logan. "The tartrates and everything else will come out and the wine will get a little bit clearer until we get through the filtering process."

Click here to learn more about the wine bottling process.

Baxter's grows twenty different varieties of grapes in its vineyard, which makes up 13 different varieties of wines.

Interestingly enough, did you know that most wine drinkers' pallates change during the winter?

Staff behind the counter say in the colder months, people tend to sip more on the drier, red wines.

Winos are more likely to pick up sweeter wines in the spring and summer months.

You can learn more about the winter pruning process March 8 as part of a Pruning Workshop at Baxter's Winery.

Kelly Logan, Owner/Vineyard Manager of Baxterâ??s Vineyards will give people pruning lessons from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Participants will learn about spur pruning to establish cordons on newly planted grape vines along with other vineyard techniques. Registration is $10 per person and includes the workshop, light refreshments, and a glass of wine following the workshop. Call (217)453-2528 for reservations.