Winning $25,000 scratchers ticket almost thrown away

A Burlington, Iowa woman had a very fortunate discovery after purchasing a scratchers ticket recently.

The Missouri Lottery reports after purchasing a Missouri Lottery "$25,000 Payday" Scratchers ticket on Aug. 16, Carmella McNeill thought she only won a few dollars and planned on throwing the ticket away after cashing it in.

To her amazement, after a retailer double-checked the ticket, McNeill learned that she was holding a $25,000 top-prize winning ticket.

McNeill purchased her winning ticket from Ayerco Gas Station, U.S. 61 rural Route 1, in Alexandria.

Originally, McNeill thought she had only matched one of her numbers to the winning ticket numbers. After a closer examination, a "moneybag" symbol was found, which awarded McNeill all 10 prizes listed on the ticket.

The realization of her win caused McNeill to become ecstatic, which, in turn, drew a small crowd at the retailer where the ticket was checked, "Everyone was screaming and cheering. I still canâ??t believe it," an astounded McNeill said. "We won the big one."

The Iowan resident and Philippine native plans on taking her husband on a trip to the Philippines sometime early next year to visit her family. McNeill said that they usually try to make it to the island country at least once a year to visit, and that their recent jackpot will surely help them finance next yearâ??s trip.


$25,000 Payday

" is a $2 ticket with a $25,000 top-prize. The ticket, which began on Feb. 3, has more than $2.3 million in prizes remaining. Research all Scratchers and Draw Games offered by the Missouri Lottery at