Winners and losers aside, how much do these primaries actually cost?

Typical voting sign seen while entering a polling place

Marion County voters along with other Missouri residents took to the polls to place their ballot on a number of issues for the Missouri Primary Election.

Marion County Clerk Valerie Dornberger says only around 20 to 25 percent turned out to vote but everyone in Missouri ended up splitting the election bill.

"It's paid for by county tax payer money," Dornberger said.

So how much does the average primary cost for Marion County?

"$29,750 dollars," Dornberger said. "Primary elections are usually the most expensive election because there are several different ballot types for each party."

No matter how many people show up to vote, that same dollar amount will need to be spent. Election Official Roger Nelson said even though Marion county vote totals were low, the City of Palmyra fared pretty well.

"We're having a good turnout. I'm very pleased, were going to run close to a thousand here at this precinct," Nelson said.

Nelson also said he realizes his tax dollars are going towards funding the election, and wishes he could get more bang for his buck when it comes down to how many people are voting.

"People have to make their own decisions when it comes to their involvement in government, so I think it makes a statement of what priorities we put on it," Nelson said.

But organizers say they're pleased with the citizens who stepped up to give their two cents.

"Appreciate the people that did come out, and participated in the government process, because this is what it is all about, we're proud of you."

Marion County only had three contested races in the Missouri primary.

The winners will face off in the November general election.