Winking's Market still dishing out the classics after 65 years

Winking's Market has been opened in Quincy for 65 years.

Winking's Market was opened in 1945. When you walk in the door today, it doesn't seem like much has changed.

The menu filled with homemade sandwiches, soups and desserts is basically the same. Classic candies remain on the shelves and smiling faces from the family staff welcome you. The exact reasons Winking's owner, Frank Winking says the store has survived more than six decades.

"It's kind of a tie to the past," Winking said. "A lot of people remember stores like this and I think it's just something that people enjoy because it's a way of recapturing the past."

"When you come in the door, we're saying your name, "how's it going," Winking's Market assistant manager and Winking's niece Lindsey Schmidt, said. "It's just like home, it's where you want to be."

Winking is the market's second owner. He took over the store from his father in 2005.

"It's just a personal feeling of pride to know that I'm able to carry on something that he cherished and meant so much to him and it's something that meant so much to the community," Winking said.

Winking hopes to continue his father's legacy, but he's had to make a few changes to survive the times.

"At the time my dad opened, there was probably over 100 corner grocery stores in Quincy," Winking said. "I think it was just the onset of the big stores and super markets; as they came into play, they just slowly moved out a lot of the little stores to where only a few made it. In the last 20 years, I think we've been the only ones."

Winking's Market is now less of a grocery store and more of a convenience store and deli. Winking is confident the store's new direction and loyal customer base will keep the market going strong another 65 years. He plans to pass the business down to another family member, his niece.

"It's not like, "oh, I have that, it's my fall-back," Schmidt said. "This is my actual plan. I've always loved seeing people everyday, being a part of something and this is exactly what it is."

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