Windows XP support comes to end

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Those who use the Microsoft XP computer operating system may want to consider switching to a new system or machine.

As of Tuesday, April 8, Microsoft is discontinuing support on the 12 year-old XP system.

That means users will not be supported with security patches and updates, making their computer vulnerable to viruses.

ETC Computerland President Eric Thomas say your computer will be five times more vulnerable to get a virus or to be hacked without Microsoft support.

"The last patch that they will make is on April 8th, so you'll be good for another, say week, or something like that. But then that is it. They'll no longer support that, you're more susceptible to viruses . A nd even if you have anti-virus running on that machine, it still doesn't mean that you're protected. "

Thomas suggests you buy a new machine, instead of updating an old one.

He believes it will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Almost 30 percent of PCs worldwide are still running on Windows XP.

Thomas recommends that if you have a computer that is in good shape and running XP, to not use that particular machine for internet use.