William Watson Hotel opens

A historic structure in downtown Pittsfield is serving the public once again.

The William Watson Hotel opened last month after a two year facelift that became a labor of love for a Tri-State couple.

The Mansion House Hotel was built back in 1838 by William Watson on the Southside of Pittsfield's courthouse square. It eventually was renamed the Parkway Hotel in 1938. At that time no one would have guessed the great-grandson of the housekeeper there would become the future owner.

After falling into disrepair for decades, Jonas and Jane Ann Petty purchased it in 2006 with the intentions of bringing the old hotel back to its former glory.

Jane Ann Petty said, "We knew we wanted to turn it back to a hotel and service the community."

It took about two years of work and along the way it became a labor of love.

During reconstruction the Petty's took care to preserve the historic feel of the hotel...the brick and the ceiling tiles are all original to the structure.

The William Watson Hotel, named for the original owner, opened to the public just weeks ago, with 14 rooms and suites with kitchenettes. Every room is different, which adds to the character of the one-of-a-kind hotel experience. Many of the rooms come with a one of a kind view of Pike County's Historic courthouse.

Petty says folks all over town who remember the old hotel are glad to see it back open.

What's the reaction from the community been like?

Petty said, "We've had a great response from the community. We've got reservations from people passing through on business, hunting, people just coming in for a nice nights stay."

Rates run from 45 to one hundred dollars a night and includes a continental breakfast.

The hotel is also offering special wedding, Honeymoon night, bachelor and bachelorette packages.

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